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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




New York, NY


Emma increased the capacity of programmatic development and accelerated the pace of strategic planning needed for Mediaocean to meet their sustainability goals.


Mediaocean is establishing a program to become a sustainability leader in the ad tech industry. They are taking action to reduce their carbon footprint while also providing the opportunity for their clients and partners to engage in sustainable development. Mediaocean believes it is their obligation to leverage their platform and influence to advance sustainable business operations and culture. Emma was brought onto the Sustainability Team to increase program development capacity through market research, strategic planning, partnerships, and policy analysis.


Emma began by conducting a gap analysis of Mediaocean’s 2021 Ecovadis sustainability assessment and created a spreadsheet to outline focus areas for compliance and improvement. She then wire-framed relevant TCFD and SASB reporting standards to evaluate and prioritize any additional gaps and areas of strategic importance for meeting requirements and future compliance. Using this information, Emma created 2 global ESG-related policies, and began research on 2 additional corporate policies focusing on sustainable supply chains. 

By partnering with Mediaocean’s in-house advertising consultant agency, MBuy, Emma was also able to innovate ways to incorporate sustainability into MBuy’s services. She created reports and proposals of sustainability programming opportunities for clients. 

Emma also collaborated with senior management to advance relationships for potential partnerships with sustainability leaders in the ad tech industry. In addition, she utilized her research and analytical skills to accelerate the pace and scope of creating a sustainability program for a large corporation.

Potential Impact

Emma has helped Mediaocean reach their corporate goal of increasing their Ecovadis score by analyzing gaps in their previous assessment, and taking actions to close gaps and increase sustainability performance. Her work creating global policies has also increased cross-departmental collaboration and streamlined global ESG-related policy and procedure evaluation. 

Emma helped stimulate the culture of sustainability at Mediaocean by presenting to employees on sustainable media and leading conversations on how to integrate sustainability services into Mediaocean’s product line. She also created departmental allies with the Marketing and Communications Department. 

Finally, Emma worked to provide example content for how clients can engage with sustainable programming will increase ad revenue that goes through Mediaocean’s software.

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