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Clean and Renewable Energy, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




New York, NY


Rose assisted Mediaocean with developing a comprehensive ESG strategy which included setting and prioritizing sustainability goals and creating a GHG baseline inventory.


Rose's goals were to assess the current sustainability initiatives at Mediaocean and to expand upon them, creating an overarching, comprehensive ESG strategy. Mediaocean had many pieces of an ESG strategy already in place, including a robust DEI program, governance policies, and certain green initiatives. She worked with senior management to weave these pieces together into an encompassing strategy and sustainability mission statement.


Rose began by performing an in-depth stakeholder analysis and materiality assessment to determine which sustainability initiatives were most germane to Mediaocean and which should be prioritized. She interviewed several key internal stakeholders, reviewed sustainability policies for other software companies, and reviewed the sustainability goals laid forth by Mediaocean’s parent company, Vista Equity Partners.

Roe worked with senior management to come up with a stated sustainability policy for Mediaocean’s website, and to help prioritize goals and initiatives for the next five years. he worked with management to determine next steps for each goal and initiative.

Additionally, she compiled data to create the company’s first GHG emissions baseline inventory for 2019, and outlined best practices for collecting data for future, annual inventories so that Mediaocean can determine reduction targets and strategy.

Potential Impact

Rose left Mediaocean with a comprehensive outline for a robust ESG strategy which included prioritized initiatives, goals, and actionable next steps to achieve such goals.

She collaborated with senior management to identify key pieces of their ESG strategy which were already in place, and collate those pieces into a comprehensive strategy. She also determined which pieces were missing or needed to be further developed and which should be prioritized.

She helped Mediaocean create its first GHG baseline inventory, and more importantly developed a plan for collecting vital emissions data from their various global offices so that they can continue to measure and reduce their carbon footprint.

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