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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Vancouver, British Columbia


Greg Luck helped The Metals Company identify low-carbon technology options to inform its decarbonization strategy.


The Metals Company is an explorer of lower-impact battery metals from seafloor polymetallic nodules, on a dual mission: supply metals for the clean energy transition with the least possible negative environmental and social impact, and accelerate the transition to a circular metal economy.

To limit their operational impact on climate change, The Metals Company assessed the viability of various low-carbon technologies for their onshore and offshore operations to inform their decarbonization roadmap before beginning commercial operations. 


Greg focused his efforts on identifying the breadth of technologies available. For offshore operations, this involved systematic research through publicly available information and internal discussions to guide the prioritization of technology research. For onshore operations, the research was performed through a company benchmark assessment answering the following question: what are mining companies committing to and what low-carbon technology are they testing and deploying?

Once the technology options were identified, Greg worked with The Metals Company team to prioritize technologies that can support the company’s decarbonization roadmap for both onshore and offshore operations, based on system compatibility and technology readiness/maturity. A high-level presentation was given to the company to educate and ensure all employees were a part of the decarbonization strategy. 

Potential Impact

By using the results of the technology assessment to support their decarbonization roadmap, The Metals Company can further prioritize the work needed with technology experts on a feasibility assessment. Additionally, through the process of technology assessment, The Metals Company gained insights into the challenges and opportunities relevant to the development of greenhouse gas emission commitments.

With this added documentation, and prioritization of low-carbon technologies, The Metals Company is better positioned to continue developing their decarbonization roadmap before beginning commercial operations to deliver critical minerals with the least possible negative environmental and social impacts. 

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