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Fair Lawn, NJ

Claire LeBlanc identified and evaluated energy reduction opportunities at snack food manufacturer Mondelēz International. With the fellowship aimed at the operations at a cookie and cracker bakery, she was tasked with re-evaluating an energy management program and subsequently reviewing electric and gas usage to develop an energy savings plan through improved controls, operating procedures or other opportunities. With a focus on leveraging existing programs and management systems, LeBlanc identified four low or no capital system-specific projects that could allow for significant energy savings throughout the bakery.   LeBlanc worked on enhancing the maintenance programs on the facility’s steam system and compressed air system. Through maximizing the use of existing management systems and leveraging prior efforts, programs for the maintenance and energy reduction of both systems were defined and implemented.   Additionally, LeBlanc created a motor management work tool that incorporates lifetime energy costs in the procurement process. The work tool is intended to revise the efficiency specification for purchasing motors as well as enable a more informed decision-making process that includes lifetime operational energy cost.   LeBlanc also identified a storage redesign that allows for consolidation of ingredient storage. This redesign could reduce the cooling needs of warehouse refrigeration by approximately 50 percent.


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