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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Freehold, NJ


Andrew Linowes came to Monmouth County to uncover energy savings from both hardware and software upgrades.


Andrew Linowes was brought on by Monmouth County to uncover energy savings.


Linowes recommended outdoor lighting upgrades such as light emitting diode (LED) wall packs, flood lights and parking luminaries, encouraging the County to take advantage of their higher energy efficiency and longer fixture life to save on utility and maintenance costs. He also identified opportunities for indoor lighting efficiency, such as 24-hour LED “night lights,” at the Monmouth County Correctional Institution. In addition to reducing utility costs. Linowes also recommended that Monmouth consider a county-wide, online energy management program that could benchmark, track and verify energy use and savings.

Potential Impact

Installing the new lamps could save more than $45,000 in maintenance costs every year. 

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