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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Atlanta, GA


Martin Hill assisted the Morehouse School of Medicine in becoming more sustainable by proposing lighting upgrades and power management measures.


Martin Hill spent his summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow at the Morehouse School of Medicine (MSM) in Atlanta, Georgia. In recent years, MSM has become proactive about energy efficiency and had an energy assessment done in 2009. MSM asked Hill to explore possible energy savings projects.


Building on the school’s prior energy initiatives, Hill conducted numerous tours of facilities to determine lighting upgrades. He recommended replacement of existing T12 lamps with T8 lamps, investment in PC power management software and installation of vending misers.

Potential Impact

If Hill’s projects are implemented, Morehouse School of Medicine can save over $130,000 in annual energy costs, reduce electricity consumption by about 1.3 million kWh per year, and cut carbon emissions by 196 metric tons annually.

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