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The Woodlands, TX


Calin Brammer analyzed the costs and benefits of MP2 Energy’s new Residential Net Energy Metering Program.


MP2 Energy, a Retail Electric Provider serving both Texas and PJM markets, enlisted Calin Brammer to help understand the costs and benefits of its newly created Residential Net Energy Metering (NEM) Program for Texas. This program, created in partnership with SolarCity was the first residential full-retail NEM product offered in a fully competitive, de-regulated market. As a first mover in this space, the fundamentals for the NEM product were based on a series of assumptions made by experts at MP2 Energy and were in need of validation and analysis.


After identifying the data and system interfaces required to evaluate the program, Brammer set out to create a model that would analyze actual customers individually, then aggregate the results into a portfolio-level view. Once a significant population of customers had been analyzed, Brammer and the pricing team at MP2 were able to create a detailed forecast based on actual data. To validate this forecast, Brammer then developed a reporting dashboard based on the historical performance of the rapidly expanding residential solar portfolio. The data analyzed also allowed MP2 to gain important initial understanding around residential customer segment trends, including what their usage patterns look like, how they evaluate rates and what their electricity preferences are.

Potential Impact

The results of this analysis should enable MP2 to further refine and develop residential solar electricity products in an ongoing effort to provide competitive alternatives to traditional grid-only electricity. It is MP2’s hope that by bringing innovative, cost competitive products such as this one to market, they can position themselves as a leader in helping Texas transition to a more renewable-based electricity grid.

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