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Nashville, NC


Stacie Shatzer helped Nash County move forward in several areas of energy efficiency, including reducing the energy use of office equipment and improving data collection.


Stacie Shatzer spent her summer as an EDF Climate Corps fellow in Nash County, North Carolina. The county already had a Strategic Energy Plan, which sought to reduce annual energy consumption by at least 15% by 2011, using 2008 energy data as a baseline.


Shatzer’s fellowship centered on a North Carolina State Office Energy Grant secured by the county under the Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. She assisted with three Requests for Proposals covering lighting and HVAC upgrades at the Department of Social Services and County Detention Center, and a chiller replacement at the Agriculture Center. Shatzer also analyzed baseline energy use at the county’s office buildings and found an opportunity to save almost $10,000 annually from office equipment alone. Shatzer recommended tracking energy use with Facility Dude’s program, Utility Trac Plus, because the county already had the ability to monitor energy management systems in three centers.

Potential Impact

If implemented, Shatzer’s projects could save Nash County over $48,000 each year in energy costs and avoid 118 metric tons of carbon emissions annually.

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