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Dana Wilke worked with National Real Estate Advisors, LLC to prepare a written Environmental Management System (“EMS”) consistent with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 14001.


National Real Estate Advisors, LLC, also known as “National”, is a Washington, D.C.-based investment manager with assets located throughout the U.S. The company wanted a more robust and systematic method to measure their environmental performance at the portfolio level. National enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Dana Wilke to write an EMS, which will help National improve its environmental performance by clearly defining a process and more efficient use of resources. Additionally, Wilke evaluated select residential and commercial properties to determine a pathway for securing ENERGY STAR® certification.


In order to launch a successful process, Wilke met with National’s Asset Managers to understand their challenges in managing environmental performance. She researched and reviewed examples of EMS documents, and she determined writing an EMS consistent with ISO 14001 was the best solution. Wilke also updated National’s existing ESG goals to reflect what may be possible in the next five years with the implementation of the EMS. Wilke presented to Senior Management and trained Asset Management staff about the scope of National’s EMS, why it is important, and how they may use it to measure and improve environmental performance.

Additionally, Wilke identified 10 assets that could achieve ENERGY STAR® certification and collaborated with those property managers to collect the data for certification. National will continue to pursue these ENERGY STAR® certification goals.

Potential Impact

Wilke successfully delivered a complete written EMS consistent with ISO 14001 after multiple iterations and feedback from a variety of stakeholders. The EMS is expected to be adopted and implemented by the team at National. Wilke expects the EMS to drive National forward in their sustainability journey and achieving their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. Wilke estimated there may be potential $2.9 million savings in utility costs over the course of 10 years by implementing the EMS and achieving ENERGY STAR® certification for the 10 identified assets.

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