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Barasha Baruah helped Nestle to discover sustainable practices at farm level activities to reduce emissions of greenhouse gasses.


  • The goals were to identify trees with nutritious quality with carbon sink capacity.
  • To identify the impacts of various farm activities.
  • To reduce carbon emissions by implementing innovative technologies and renewable energies.
  • To analyze current carbon emissions from the farms and how it can be reduced.
  • To suggest successful stories of models implemented at the farm level, so that it can be replicated for the farms associated with Nestle. 


The combination of both trees and grasses can help in carbon sequestration. Biogas plant and efficient barn design can reduce methane emission and heat stress respectively. In case of activities associated in tea farming, a combination of organic and inorganic fertilizers can be beneficial for better production of tea. Crop rotation can be adopted to increase the soil fertility, nutrients, and crop yield and improve the overall soil structure. Bio-organic fertilization (FBO) technology can be adopted for increasing the yield. In case of cocoa, multi crop farming can help in higher carbon sequestration as compared to mono crop farming. The waste from shade trees can acts as nutrients for the cocoa plants.

Potential Impact

Planting trees and grasses with nutritious content can improve cow’s health and environment. Usage of renewable technologies can improve the farmers financially and can also benefit the environment. Sustainable practices like biogas, biodigester plant, and barn design can benefit the farmers and farm animals. A combination of shade trees and tree plants has higher carbon sequestration capacity. Minimal usage of nitrogenous fertilizers can reduce emissions. Shade tress can reduce the excess heat to fall on the cocoa plantations. The cacao pods systematically can help in absorbing the nutrients efficiently.

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