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Marty Griffith recommended a number of energy efficiency measures for Georgetown University, and also completed two research projects – the results of which will inform the institution's decision-making in the coming years.


Marty Griffith was asked by Georgetown University to provide recommendations for energy efficiency projects.


Griffith's projects included recommendations for lighting improvements, installation of occupancy sensors on vending machines, "right-sizing" of fleet vehicles, and installation of window film on skylights. Griffith also researched pending EPA legislation regarding mandatory GHG reporting. This led to several discoveries that may change the measurement methods for GHG emissions along the company's system of natural gas distribution pipes. Griffith was able to recommend several possible ways to reduce these emissions including reducing pipeline heater use. Griffith also made significant improvements to the company's GHG accounting system to better track emissions and allow the company to normalize them in order to account for future growth. These changes will allow NJR to accomplish its goal of a 20 percent reduction in emissions by 2020 on a per unit basis rather than on an absolute basis.

Potential Impact

Marty Griffith identified projects totaling $22,566 in yearly energy savings during his fellowship at New Jersey Resources. If all projects are implemented, they will result in a cumulative yearly greenhouse gas (GHG) reduction of 127 metric tons. Although no concrete projects arose from legislative research, Griffith feels that the conversations that started as a result of his research will have an impact on company policy going forward.

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