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Zoya Atiq helped finalize the New York City Housing Authority’s framework for implementing solar projects.


The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA), the nation’s largest public housing authority, has committed to implement 25MW of on-site solar capacity on its properties. NYCHA had already developed a conceptual framework of its solar pipeline projects, but needed support on accelerating the project to its implementation phase. NYCHA hired EDF Climate Corps fellow Zoya Atiq to help. 


After conducting research, Atiq confirmed the Public Purpose Shared solar program as a favorable option to pursue. Its structure would help NYCHA target the generation of solar energy, deliver green jobs to NYCHA residents, reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and develop a business opportunity for small-scale solar developers. To bring all potential participants of the project on one platform, Atiq supported the design of an informational webinar, constructed a comprehensive policy incentive matrix for community solar partners and developed content for a web platform that will host details on the project.

Potential Impact

Atiq's projects will help provide a platform for new and small-scale developers to better understand the community solar market, policy incentives and regulations, as well as replicate projects on a larger scale. Her stakeholder engagement efforts with non-profit and community-based organizations will provide solar training and outreach program design, equipping NYCHA residents with the maintenance, installation and marketing skills needed to become integrated into the solar job market. 

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