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Commercial Energy Efficiency, Financial Evaluation and Planning




Newark, NJ


Jennifer Barbour McKellar developed a scalable program and assisted in the development of a prioritization tool for the Newark Public Schools.


Jennifer Barbour McKellar was hired by Newark Public Schools to find and evaluate tools and plans for energy savings that could be widely implemented.


McKellar developed a district-wide, energy-targeted operations and maintenance program to achieve immediate energy savings and to optimize the net benefits of any future upgrades. Modeled on a recent program successfully implemented in New York City, this program targets no- and low-cost energy reductions via improved preventive maintenance, building operations and energy management practices. McKellar also contributed to the development of a District Prioritization Tool. This flexible, multi-parameter tool goes beyond basic benchmarking by allowing users to specify their weighting preferences for energy reductions versus cost savings when prioritizing individual facilities within the building portfolio for upgrades.

Potential Impact

Under business-as-usual conditions, when fully implemented, the district-wide program could generate approximate annual savings of 4.6 million kilowatt hours of electricity, 356,000 therms of natural gas, 19,000 gallons of fuel oil, more than 4,000 metric tons of carbon emissions and more than 1 million dollars in annual energy expenditures.

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