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Nathalie Simoes identified recommendations applicable to News Corp’s supply chain emissions reductions target.


As a global leader in digital and print media services, News Corp has committed itself to an environmental target: 20% reductions in scope 3 greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2030 from a 2016 baseline. To achieve this target, News Corp enlisted Nathalie Simoes to develop a roadmap with recommended best practices and actions needed to meet the scope 3 reductions target.


Simoes approached the roadmap from two angles:

  • Assessing the GHG-accounting methodology used to estimate the Scope 3 emissions. Simoes reviewed tools provided by non-profit organizations, the US federal government, and global environmental organizations to reassess if baseline supplier emissions are reasonable representations of News Corp emissions. This included gathering top supplier primary data (Scope 1+2 emissions metrics) across News Corp business units to calculate specific scope 3 category estimates. A special focus was given to industries like paper mills, printing, transportation, and cloud services.
  • Researching current and innovative solutions across various industries to reduce supply chain emissions. The most applicable best practices and recommendations were incorporated into a roadmap that delineated easy wins, big opportunities, and transformational changes.

Potential Impact

Using supplier-specific metrics to estimate supply chain emissions helps News Corp shift away from spend-based emissions and closer to its true Scope 3 value. In tandem, implementing recommendations from the roadmap allows News Corp to position itself for gradual and/or dramatic change within its supply chain. The resulting potential impacts include measurable decreases in their carbon footprint, Scope 3 reduction target attainment, and a positive environmental influence across industries and with stakeholders. 

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