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Christine Chi collaborated with both researchers and internal experts at News Corporation to discover savings of 1.9 million kWh and 634 metric tons of greenhouse gasses.


Christine Chi was brought in for the the summer of 2011 by News Corporation, a multinational media and entertainment company. Chi was asked to work with News Corporation’s Global Energy Initiative on corporate sustainability strategy such as supporting the development of an internal energy efficiency loan fund and identifying employee engagement best practices.


At the Dow Jones Bronx Printing Plant, Chi looked into the feasibility of piloting an alternative-fuel vehicle program. She also worked to identify energy efficiency opportunities at the printing plant, primarily in the area of HVAC improvements. Chi collaborated with the facilities manager, chief engineer, head electrician and an outside energy audit team from the University of Delaware, part of a Department of Energy program. Chi discovered that the facility could save 1.9 million kWh per year. Alternatively, the plant could put the chillers on a swing schedule, which would not require any capital investment but only save 234,000 Kwh of electricity annually. She also calculated that turning off the boilers during the summer would save the printing plant $64,000 in gas per year and reducing air compressor pressure from 125 PSI to 110 PSI would result in annual savings of 107,000 kWh.

Potential Impact

In total, Chi identified projects that could reduce annual energy costs by approximately $234,000, saving 1.9 million kWh and reducing 634 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually.

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