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Orangeburg, NY


Elsa Johnson worked with Nice-Pak and PDI’s Global Sustainability Director to advance key supplier engagement strategies.


Nice-Pak and PDI are family owned businesses built upon a 70 year legacy of improving health and wellness in community and healthcare environments. Both companies aim to lead in corporate social responsibility and in engaging their suppliers on this journey. Nice-Pak/PDI enlisted EDF Climate Corps Fellow Elsa Johnson to map their supply chain; identify key suppliers; manage data capture and reporting for the CDP Forest Report; develop and implement a holistic supplier survey incorporating environmental, social, and governance attributes; and visualize supplier data in an innovative platform.


Johnson mapped Nice-Pak’s fiber supply chain to visualize the path forward for responsibly sourced certified fiber for wipes. Analyzing internal procurement data, Johnson identified key suppliers for Nice-Pak, Nice-Pak International, and PDI, to engage on sustainable survey.

Evaluating the data, including key suppliers and countries of origin, Johnson reported data on cellulose fibers, palm oil, and packaging for Nice-Pak’s Global Carbon Disclosure Project Forests report.

To analyze top suppliers’ sustainability engagement, Johnson developed a supplier survey that evaluated suppliers on key environmental, social, and governance factors. Johnson identified these factors by analyzing internal materiality assessments and recommendations for Nice-Pak/PDI’s sector industries. Lastly, Johnson piloted a data visualization program to assist in evaluating supplier’s individual responses. This innovative program will assist Nice-Pak/PDI to manage supplier data and identify best practices within their value chain.

Potential Impact

Nice-Pak/PDI is committed in its sustainability journey. Engaging their supply chain in their sustainability goals is critical to creating positive and lasting impact. Johnson’s projects have progressed Nice-Pak/PDI’s insight to their suppliers’ environmental, social, and governance initiatives.

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