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Genevieve Goh was instrumental in developing Oak View Group’s corporate sustainability strategy, which provides a critical structure and responsible pathway to support OVG’s fast expanding footprint and positioning as an industry thought-leader.


OVG is the world's largest sports and live entertainment venue owner, developer, and operator. OVG is committed to integrating sustainability into the expanding business internally and supporting other venue operators externally.

As a Climate Corps fellow, Genevieve Goh’s primary objective was to develop OVG’s corporate sustainability strategy and goals, and provide recommendations toward implementation. Additional objectives included supporting arena and stadium operators with tangible sustainability-related strategies and resources to further propel their sustainability commitments.


Genevieve conducted a comprehensive gap analysis through a combination of direct engagement with OVG’s key stakeholders and extensive industry research. She looked at the evolving context surrounding sports, live entertainment and sustainability, as well as the complexities around OVG’s fast-expanding business. 

Balancing aspiration and feasibility, Genevieve developed a corporate sustainability strategy that provides a fundamental structure to progress sustainability throughout OVG’s properties and network. This encompassed priority focus areas accompanied by specific benchmarked goals, all of which were well received by senior leadership to venue operations.

In helping to lay the groundwork, Genevieve created a roadmap involving communications, performance measurement, and governance. Separately, Genevieve also facilitated a leadership workshop for one of OVG’s prominent arenas, which culminated in a sustainability strategy reflecting its strengths, aspirations and key impact areas. 

Potential Impact

As OVG continues its business growth and commitment to sustainability, the corporate sustainability strategy provides central guidance for reducing inefficiencies amongst its properties and increases confidence from its investors and partners. This drives performance whilst stimulating the culture of sustainability across the organization. 

As a result of these projects, OVG is well-placed to launch its corporate sustainability strategy, which will be a game-changer in raising industry standards of sustainable business practice. Working toward its operational and industry goals and living true to its business purpose of positive disruption, OVG will not only significantly reduce its environmental footprint but also inspire its stakeholders to take bold and innovative actions together. 

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