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Oberlin, OH


Owen Barrett helped Oberlin College move towards its 2025 sustainability goal by finding numerous opportunities for the college to save energy.


Oberlin College enlisted Owen Barrett to help it achieve carbon neutrality by 2025.


Barrett also identified savings through several projects still under consideration by the College. By changing its recycling service provider, the College could improve its recycling rates and save about $18,000 annually. By switching coal-fired for natural gas-fired boilers at its central heating plant, it could decrease annual CO2 emissions by about 4,000 metric tons. By mandating that students complete one three-month Summer Term instead of three one-month Winter Terms, it could save approximately $26,000 and 175 metric tons of CO2 emissions annually.

Potential Impact

Barrett identified opportunities to improve the College's energy efficiency in several areas. Barrett first determined that by switching current lighting fixtures with light-emitting diode (LED) fixtures across campus, the College could save roughly $14,000 and 75 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually. It has already implemented several of his recommendations. 

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