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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Oakhurst, NJ


Emily Martin assessed operations at Ocean Township's municipal buildings before recommending HVAC and lighting retrofits, among other efficiency projects.


Ocean Township, established in 1849, is an 11-square-mile suburban community along the southern Jersey shore. The Township’s Environmental Commission and Green Team have initiated a variety of sustainability projects, including green fairs, a community rain-garden and participation in the New Jersey Clean Energy program. The Township brought in Emily Martin to help it reach its sustainability goals.


Over 10 weeks, Martin conducted a thorough energy assessment of the operations at the Township’s 11 municipal buildings. She recommended seven projects, including lighting retrofits inside and outside that could save the town over 100,000 kWh annually with a five-year payback period. Martin also analyzed the HVAC system and determined that an upgrade should be the Township’s top priority because it will generate the greatest savings through thermostat settings. Furthermore, Martin recommended the Township to use Utility Trac software by Facility Dude to track and report energy consumption, which will help it obtain ENERGY STAR ratings and lower carbon emissions.

Potential Impact

If all of Martin’s proposed projects were implemented, Ocean Township could save 450,000 kWh, avoid 216 metric tons of CO2 emissions, and save $70,000 per year.

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