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Bellevue, WA


Anya Priester analyzed the payback of several energy efficiency projects to aid Coinstar in reducing its carbon footprint.


Coinstar, Inc. enlisted Anya Priester to identify energy efficiency opportunities in two key areas: routing and warehouse operations.


Transportation is a priority for Coinstar across two-thirds of its carbon footprint, so Priester suggested savings by standardizing aspects of routing. Priester also evaluated energy efficiency opportunities at Coinstar warehouses. Using one 37,000-square-foot warehouse as a case study.

Potential Impact

 Priester demonstrated the payback of projects such as installing light-emitting diode (LED) exit signs, loading dock seals and ceiling fans that reduce the need for heating, cooling and ventilation. She recommended that Coinstar consider these projects for its other warehouses. Priester also demonstrated the payback on two transportation-related projects: 1) standardizing the use of routing technology and criteria for field service and 2) utilizing existing data to reduce kiosk visits. If rolled out nationally, these two steps could save costs on mileage and labor.

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