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San Jose, CA


During summer 2021, Moniesha joined PayPal’s Global Social Innovation team to advance PayPal’s Environmental Sustainability and Climate Equity work.


The PayPal team’s priorities for the summer Fellowship were three-fold:

  1. Catalyze market-building and innovation at the intersection of Digital Finance and Climate Resilience through stakeholder engagement,
  2. Inform PayPal’s approach towards advancing racial and climate equity in the U.S., and
  3. Educate internal decision-makers about emerging technologies that are likely to enable significant in-sector decarbonization from business travel in the future.


Moniesha advanced 3 projects consistent with the priorities above and presented the following results to key internal teams and leaders:

  • She worked with multiple teams in the organization to reach out to over 350 stakeholders for dissemination of the evidence-based Digital Finance for Climate Resilience Framework. She also played an instrumental role in managing PayPal’s executive representation and engagements at three global events. 

  • She analyzed input from external stakeholders to build insights on the keys action leaders and impact themes at the intersection of racial and climate equity, including the organizations that are most active at this intersection in the United States. Moniesha identified 71 organizations including actors, Grantmakers and intermediaries that are active in the space. 

  • She supported PayPal’s Environmental Working Group with research and due diligence to develop a business case for supporting airline adoption of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and initiated conversations internally towards development of a pilot program.

Potential Impact

Moniesha’s contributions to disseminating the DF4CR framework and identifying climate and racial equity impact opportunities will contribute towards PayPal’s field building efforts to mobilize USD 25 billion towards Climate Resilience through Digital Finance by 2030. If implemented, the SAF pilot program would result in up to 1,200 mt of CO2 reduction by year-end 2023 and could become an important component of a long-term sustainable business travel program at the organization. 

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