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Internet, Software, Hardware and Technology Services

Project Types

Climate Justice/Energy Equity, Financial Evaluation and Planning, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Jose, CA


Neel joined PayPal as part of the Social Innovation team to advance PayPal’s climate justice theory of change and build the company’s carbon credits portfolio selection model and process.


In alignment with PayPal’s climate justice objectives, Neel used a two-pronged approach of incorporating both climate resilience and adaptation and climate mitigation to select carbon credits investment projects. The carbon credits portfolio he proposed supports the climate resilience of vulnerable communities through financial inclusion. The climate-vulnerable communities include Black, Indigenous, low-income, women, and populations in the Global South.


Neel built a scoring model to assess and prioritize the different project candidates. A set of comprehensive evaluation criteria encompassing environmental benefits along with social and financial inclusion co-benefits to climate-vulnerable communities informed the portfolio development process.

Potential Impact

The evaluation model will be used by PayPal to procure carbon credits in the future. Neel advanced PayPal’s climate justice theory of change model that outlines the impacts, outcomes, outputs, tactics, and inputs to support climate-vulnerable communities. He identified and established partnerships with environmental nonprofits for consumer and employee engagement. 

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