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Financial Evaluation and Planning




Purchase, NY


Zoe developed a cross-functional resource guide and process flow for PepsiCo to leverage public and private sustainability incentives in order to amplify current organizational sustainability investments and drive progress toward PepsiCo’s pep+ strategy.


In 2021, PepsiCo introduced pep+, a strategic end-to-end transformation to drive sustainable long-term value and competitive advantage. Achieving the goals established by pep+ requires systemic change and collaboration throughout PepsiCo’s supply chain. To enable these changes, PepsiCo enlisted Zoe Cantor to create a global framework and roadmap to leverage public and private sustainability incentives in order to unlock and amplify current organizational sustainability investments.


Zoe approached the challenge through the following process:

  • Conducted independent research to identify key trends and opportunities for sustainability incentives by funding mechanism, geographic region, sustainability area, and funding provider. This work provided context and guidance for subsequent exploration.

  • Interviewed internal stakeholders to understand PepsiCo’s current approach to identifying and pursuing sustainability incentives. Through these interviews, key roadblocks and opportunities in PepsiCo’s internal processes were identified. 

  • Crafted recommendations for improving the current processes to source and pursue sustainability incentives, including the creation of a resource guide and standardized process flow. These recommendations are intended to make PepsiCo’s approach more proactive, clarify internal roles and responsibilities, increase internal communication, and equip all teams involved with proper resources and guidance.

Potential Impact

Zoe’s research and recommendations will enable PepsiCo to become more focused and proactive in its search for sustainability incentives, saving time and increasing the exploration of opportunities. As a result, PepsiCo will reduce the cost and accelerate the timeline of achieving its pep+ goals. Zoe’s recommendations will also improve internal communication, leading to improved engagement with external stakeholders and greater overall alignment with the pep+ strategy.

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