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Commercial Energy Efficiency




Peapack, NJ


Jason Sekhon provided recommendations to help Pfizer push its energy efficiency projects forward.


Pfizer enlisted Jason Sekhon to identify and drive new energy efficiency projects at its two major New Jersey campuses.


Sekhon recommended replacing metal halide garage lighting with more-efficient induction lighting, adjusting the after-hours lighting schedule to match the operating hours of cleaning crews, and improving the HVAC system’s efficiency by raising the temperature of chilled water. Sekhon also provided analysis that will contribute to the upcoming development of Pfizer's next round of long-term goals to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions. 

Potential Impact

By implementing Sekhon's recommendations, most of which would pay for themselves in six months or less, Pfizer could reduce its annual electricity consumption by over 170,000 kilowatt hours and natural gas use by over 1,500 therms. Over a 10-year period, these projects could save Pfizer nearly $175,000 and 830 metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions.

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