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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Northridge, CA


Wusi Fan developed an Energy Map to baseline Pharmavite’s consumption, collected data for reporting and researched opportunities for installing EV charging stations.


Having already hosted EDF Climate Corps fellows, Pharmavite, a global leader and manufacturer of dietary supplements, brought in another fellow, Wusi Fan, to identify and analyze further energy efficiency opportunities for cost savings and GHG emissions reductions. Looking to bolster its sustainability transparency and credibility, Wusi was also tasked with completing Pharmavite’s CDP emissions reporting and annual CSR report.


Wusi focused her attention around three primary objectives: energy mapping, GHG data management and EV charging station implementation. Wusi helped the energy teams at Valencia packaging facility develop an Energy Map that tracked internal energy use within the plant and provided a better understanding of equipment energy use, specifically within the manufacturing lines. The map identified behavioral change, as well as LED lighting and cooling tower retrofit as the best opportunities for achieving energy savings. While completing the CDP and CSR reports, Wusi compiled Pharmavite’s historical environmental data and recommended a data management plan to help facilitate the collection process, improve accuracy and provide transparency for better verification. Wusi conducted research on EV charging stations with the Southern California Edison Charge Ready program, which could help Pharmavite install more charging stations, while reducing costs. 

Potential Impact

The energy map findings are expected to help Valencia facility meet its 5% annual energy reduction goal for 2017. The data management plan can help increase the transparency and accuracy of Pharmavite’s GHG data, as well as prioritization and implementation of its future sustainability projects.

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