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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Sparks, MD


Jeremy Dommu helped PHH Arval discover cost-saving opportunities in the organization's use of energy.


Jeremy Dommu worked with PHH Arval, a premier fleet management services provider in the United States and Canada, to identify opportunities for energy efficiency improvements and create financial models that demonstrate the value of these investments.


Dommu helped analyze and recommend several lighting projects, including the installation of occupancy sensors, a reduction in the number of hours per week that lights are on, and the installation of a daylight harvest system. Dommu also worked with the IT department to reduce the energy consumption in data centers and personal computers in four PHH offices by increasing the temperature set point of computer room air conditioning units, installing computer power management software, and upgrading computer monitors to Energy Star equipment.

Potential Impact

Dommu calculated that once PHH implements all the projects that he analyzed, the company would reduce annual energy costs by approximately $374,000 per year, cut more than 3 million kWh of electricity annually, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 1,594 metric tons per year. At a total cost of about $284,000, these investments would be paid back in only 9 months and provide a return of investment of 131%.

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