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Industrial Energy Efficiency




Philadelphia, PA


Gianna Zapiti evaluated energy-efficiency opportunities, including sealing heaters used in the refining process.


Philadelphia Energy Solutions (PES) enlisted Gianna Zapiti to evaluate energy-efficiency opportunities for the heaters used in the refining process. In addition, she was also asked to participate on the Sustainability Team and help identify key areas of focus and incorporate those initiatives into the everyday operations of PES.


To significantly increase the energy efficiency of the heaters, Zapiti examined the opportunity of sealing the heaters. She found that the benefits of sealing them would be significant, so PES began looking to incorporate the project into the 2015 budget.  

In addition to optimizing heater efficiency, Zapiti also identified multiple initiatives as part of the Sustainability Team. Upgrading the lighting used in office buildings, developing a computer power management plan and launching a recycling program were all opportunities that Zapiti evaluated to assist PES in achieving its sustainability goals.

Potential Impact

Zapiti supplied PES with the data and analysis needed to pursue several energy-efficiency projects. Also, her fellowship could be used as a platform for future sustainability and efficiency projects to build upon.

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