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Philadelphia, PA


Brian Filiatraut helped PHA work towards its 10-year energy reduction goals, utilizing employee engagement as well as power management technologies.


Brian Filiatraut worked at the Philadelphia Housing Authority (PHA) to lead its benchmarking efforts as a means to begin its ten-year commitment in reducing energy intensity as part of the Department of Energy’s Better Buildings Challenge (BBC).


Filiatraut worked with WegoWise, a utility benchmarking tool, in developing a comprehensive database and with PHA engineers, architects, property managers and superintendents in assisting in energy management development for PHA’s over 14,000 units across 57 sites. Filiatraut assessed no- and low-cost energy conservation measures (ECMs) for PHA’s BBC Showcase Project, a 250-unit multifamily and senior development. He reviewed old energy audits, and analyzed utility consumption and costs.

Potential Impact

Filitraut worked with local utilities to identify a projected decrease in electricity usage and cost by over 15 percent and 17 percent, respectively in year one. Additionally, Filiatraut observed the need to develop a demand-side strategy providing PHA with a two-pronged approach to curtail energy consumption. He developed an occupant engagement guide and introductory ECMs empowering both tenants and employees of PHA to take ownership in utility usage. He recommended that PHA employ a basic PC power management plan starting at one office location, potentially reducing electricity usage by 10 percent and electricity costs by 12 percent. Filiatraut hopes that PHA will employ occupant engagement across its entire portfolio while expanding it to include sustainability initiatives. 

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