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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Baltimore, MD


Sean Newlin helped the Maryland Department of Transportation Maryland Port Administration (MDOT MPA) identify options, both short- and long-term, for MPA’s strategic air quality plan to reduce air emissions.


MDOT MPA is committed to environmental stewardship, and sustainability of the environment and protection of human health. To support its goals, MDOT MPA teamed with EDF Climate Corps fellow Sean Newlin, to conduct preliminary research to identify and outline technologies and programs that support a strategic air quality plan for short- and long-term air emission reductions.


Jumping right in, Newlin reviewed MDOT MPA’s existing emission reduction programs and evaluated zero and near-zero emissions technologies, as well as other programs for reducing port-related air emissions. After surveying port users and learning about their environmental initiatives, researching infrastructure needs as well as costs, and evaluating the availability of technologies, Newlin identified a number of opportunities to reduce emissions associated with cargo handling equipment, vessels, and trucks for MDOT MPA to consider.  

Potential Impact

MDOT MPA will evaluate the identified zero and near-zero emissions technologies and programmatic methods to inform its future air quality planning efforts. The expectation is that Newlin’s research will assist the MDOT MPA in determining effective and implementable opportunities at the Port to further reduce diesel generated air emissions.

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