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Industrial Energy Efficiency




LaGrange, GA


Randy Armstrong helped P&G optimize energy operations with careful analysis of existing systems and upgrade recommendations.


Randy Armstrong was brought in to analyze energy use at one of Procter & Gamble Company's several Duracell manufacturing facilities in order to optimize its energy operations.


By quantifying the energy use of the dust collection and air filtration systems, among other systems, and the energy-saving potential of initiatives like demand leveling, Armstrong helped to shape future energy management at the plant. After conducting lighting audits across the facility, Armstrong identified over 40 zones ripe to benefit from occupancy sensors. He recommended rezoning these areas, in addition to rescheduling HVAC temperature set points, to more closely resemble production operations. Armstrong also proposed changes to weekend shutdown processes for the air filtration systems, air compressors and cooling towers.

Potential Impact

These initiatives would pay for themselves in under a year, and could reduce one department's weekend electricity loads by 30 percent.

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