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Whitney Ramos honed a strategy for collecting energy data across Prologis’ portfolio to improve the company’s benchmarking.


Prologis, Inc., the global leader in logistics real estate, knows that energy use data is increasingly important for benchmarking sustainability progress and reporting results to stakeholders. With 684 million square feet of logistics real estate in 19 countries (as of June 30, 2017), collecting energy, water and other sustainability data requires an especially focused approach. EDF Climate Corps fellow Whitney Ramos was hired to develop a strategy for obtaining whole-building energy data for Prologis’ U.S. properties in locations with energy benchmarking ordinances.


After analyzing 13 applicable energy benchmarking laws and Prologis’ U.S. property data, Ramos worked with property managers across the country to understand current compliance processes. With an eye toward streamlining compliance, she created a set of reference materials with key information about energy benchmarking. Ramos also identified best practices in energy benchmarking policies, helping to further simplify how data is collected.

Potential Impact

Going forward, Ramos’ work will support Prologis’ compliance with benchmarking laws and the collection of sustainability data. This additional data will help the company to better evaluate energy efficiency projects, achieve new sustainable building certifications and conduct advanced analytics on energy use. Prologis also plans to expand its engagement with the development of energy benchmarking laws.

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