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Kent, WA


Arindam Jha focused on lighting to aid PSC Environmental Services in reducing their own environmental impact.


Arindam Jha spent his summer as a Climate Corp fellow with PSC Environmental Services - an environmental service company with nation-wide presence. Jha was asked to help PSC make significant progress in its sustainability goals.


The focus areas of Jha's projects were energy audits at PSC plants, lighting upgrades, PC power management and other office equipment. His analysis of PSC electricity consumption further revealed that PSC could easily save about $350,000 each year or 10% of its annual electricity cost by implementing low cost lighting upgrades. PSC plans to implement many of the proposed projects as part of its overall sustainability program and as a Climate Leaders partner, PSC will be focusing on reducing the organization's greenhouse gas emissions.

Potential Impact

Jha found most of the saving opportunities in the processing plants of PSC. The project he identified could save about $2.6 million over the lifetime of the projects and cut approximately 1.9 million kWh of electricity consumption per year. The implementation cost for all the projects combined was estimated at only $200,000 (without considering any rebate from utility companies). 

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