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New York, NY


James Landi worked with QDMH to uncover short-term savings and to facilitate long-term sustainable strategies.


James Landi worked with QDMH Marketing Partners, a privately held direct mail marketing and fundraising company headquartered in New York City. The firm maintains operations in eight locations in the US. With over one million square feet of facility space, functions served included both light-manufacturing and warehousing as well as traditional office spaces. Landi’s project focused on facility information gathering, benchmarking environmental performance and energy efficiency project evaluation.


These projects were placed into two distinct work imperatives. The first included facility information gathering and benchmarking. This effort can be categorized as a strategic or foundational initiative designed to facilitate long-term sustainability efforts at QDMH and was conducted for all buildings. The second line of work can be categorized as tactical or “turn-key” and focused on energy efficiency project identification and financial analysis for implementable projects. These energy efficiency projects were identified in five buildings in Iowa and Virginia

Project deliverables were put into the form of facility workbooks with each facility receiving both utility information and benchmarking evaluation as well as a basic checklist to evaluate future energy projects. Additionally, facilities in Virginia and Iowa received energy efficiency project analysis and New Hampshire received energy sourcing information.

Potential Impact

In total, projects identified have a net present value of $260,000. All of these projects were lighting, either replacing 400w metal halide fixtures or T12 Linear Fluorescents. Implementation of these projects will be simply one step in QDMH’s journey to energy efficiency and environmental impact reduction.

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