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Alex streamlined ReFED's approach to data-driven impact measurement of programmatic outcomes.


In the vast landscape of food waste management, ReFED stands as a beacon for actionable solutions, yet measuring the ripple effects of its interventions remains elusive.

Tasked with this challenge, Alex Rehbinder was enlisted as a fellow to architect impactful metrics. His mission: to make ReFED more adept and cognizant of the systems change it was effectuating as a trusted food waste solutions advisor, capital consultant, and premier data provider.


Confronted with the enormity of the food waste issue, Alex pinpointed a glaring gap in ReFED's approach: the absence of targeted, outcome-centric indicators. To steer ReFED's initiatives with precision and data-driven assurance, Alex undertook the following steps:

  • Drafted a work plan: With foresight and collaborative planning, Alex laid out a comprehensive three-year roadmap. This plan would set the stage for the evolution of ReFED's metrics, ensuring they were in alignment with the S.M.A.R.T framework and ReFED’s mission.
  • Devised workshops: Recognizing the power of collective ideation, Alex planned workshops for the team. These sessions will serve as a crucible for innovative thought, fostering an environment where members collaboratively brainstorm, refine strategy, and forge ahead with a shared vision.
  • Developed year one targets: Undeterred by the scale of the task, Alex set an ambitious yet achievable benchmark: to have three clear minimal viable metrics in place by the end of the first year. This clear target not only provided direction but also instilled a sense of purpose and urgency in the team's endeavors.

Potential Impact

Recognizing the gaps in ReFED's approach to food waste solutions, Alex implemented a targeted, data-driven strategy that promised profound change. By developing a comprehensive three-year work plan, devising collaborative workshops, and setting ambitious first-year targets, Alex positioned ReFED to maximize its impact on the food system. This transformation will not only optimize ReFED's operations but also ensure that its initiatives lead to tangible, positive outcomes.

As a result, ReFED stands poised to make a more significant difference, armed with the clarity and direction Alex introduced.

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