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Taylor Gries worked with REI Co-op's Experiences division to calculate their waste and carbon baseline, develop five-year waste reduction targets, and present recommendations to business leaders.


REI brought Taylor on to support the Experiences business's all-encompassing goal to be a sustainably  operated guide service and rental provider. Taylor established baseline measurements for carbon  emissions and waste generated, which includes food and equipment utilized during its operations.  She also set clear targets for the diversion of waste from landfill yearly through 2025 and  recommended areas of focus for REI leaders to establish updated operating practices to support the  reduction of waste in 2023.


Taylor recommended that REI Co-op strive to reach zero waste or a 90% diversion rate in their facilities over the course of five years through identifying high-priority facilities and trips where the business can develop waste management plans. The business can potentially increase its diversion rate by 33% in one year through adopting her recommendations. Taylor also recommended working closely with the Operations team to ensure the standard operating procedure for mapping the gear lifecycle process aligns with the Experiences business sustainability and waste goals. Lastly, Taylor recommended redesigning the food menu system with waste reduction as a fundamental consideration.

The business potentially could save $10,575 to $84,600 annually depending on a 10% to 80% food loss scenario, respectively.

Potential Impact

The demand for sustainable travel is critical in addressing climate change as businesses adjust to a post-pandemic world. REI Co-op Experiences division took an essential step to measure and reduce waste and carbon in its operations to reduce its environmental impact. Because Taylor developed the waste and carbon baseline methodology and measurement, REI Co-op Experiences has a comprehensive view of its climate pathways and goals. Taylor provided detailed waste recommendations unique to the business to achieve zero waste goals.

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