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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Franklin, TN


Jazmyn Jenkins conducted RLG’s annual CDP Climate Change and Forest survey responses and outlined EcoVadis supporting documents for future submissions.


Resource Label Group (RLG), a multinational manufacturer of product packaging and labeling technologies, strives to increase transparency and further embed sustainability into RLG’s core foundation. To further adhere to increasing customer request and develop business strategy, RLG enlisted Jazmyn Jenkins to conduct sustainability framework disclosure responses (i.e., CDP and EcoVadis) across 21 facilities and provide sustainability road mapping guidance.


Disclosure Framework Reporting: Through RLG’s GHG Inventory analysis and stakeholders’ engagement, Jazmyn identified key sustainability initiatives and associated emissions, as well as annual emission data trends for the CDP Climate Change Survey. Additionally, she evaluated RLG’s total paper procurement and origin for the company’s first CDP Forest response.

ESG Framework Development: After reviewing RLG’s current policies and procedures, Jazmyn identified key supporting document gaps necessary for RLG’s first corporate-wide EcoVadis response in the following year. 

Sustainability Roadmap Guidance: Jazmyn developed a “Sustainability Next Steps Guide” in alignment with CDP’s scoring criteria. She created a scope 3 inventory guide, proposed various third-party verifications, advocated for Science Based Targets, and provided potential low carbon initiatives.

Potential Impact

Through extended framework disclosures and improved scores, Resource Label Group will further appeal to the competitive market and maintain key customer contracts. With the help of a second year’s GHG analysis through Jazmyn’s work, RLG can begin identifying data trends to assist them in setting emission reduction targets. Jazmyn’s recommendations and guidance will further develop RLG’s business strategy and help them become a sustainable leader in the label industry.

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