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Savannah Rodrigue helped to develop a company-wide Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting framework and implementation plan,


Resource Label Group (RLG) is a multinational manufacturer of product packaging and labeling technologies. RLG enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Savannah Rodrigue to develop a company-wide Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) reporting framework and implementation plan, to support CDP reporting at one RLG location, as well as complete company-wide Scope 1 and 2 greenhouse gas accounting.


Savannah collaborated with Resource Label Group personnel and suppliers as well as CDP support specialists to develop a company-wide reporting framework. To enhance annual disclosure, Savannah created a variety of tools that support internal collaboration, offer technical guidance and next steps, and track salient data. Noticing the need for standardized sustainability data management, Savannah researched and evaluated utility management software options that would track and analyze energy, water, and waste data and support ongoing energy-based greenhouse gas calculations company wide. Savannah presented her findings and recommendations to the corporate executive team.


These projects are impactful because they are foundational steps in implementing Resource Label Group’s sustainability strategy. Savannah’s efforts helped RLG understand what it means to report to CDP on a company-wide basis and the steps the company must take to get there. This work is critical as RLG customers continue to show interest in and request corporate disclosure. Her work also established a methodology for managing sustainability data that is needed to analyze energy consumption, develop emissions reduction targets, and manage manufacturing waste. Data collection and reporting are fundamental to corporate sustainability strategy and these projects are leading RLG in the right direction.

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