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New York, NY


Raven Langhorne developed a five-year sustainability action plan for RiverSpring Health.


RiverSpring Health enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Raven Langhorne to develop a sustainability master plan for the campus. Riverspring, is a nursing home in the Bronx, New York committed to providing a safer and sustainable facility for its community. Strategies for marketing sustainability and reducing waste and energy consumption means significant savings for the company.


Raven’s approach to building a sustainability template included:

  • Analyzing RiverSpring’s current energy portfolio, including previous energy savings performance contracts. RiverSpring’s recent energy reduction efforts, including the installation of a cogeneration presented an unique opportunity for Raven to explore standard and deep retrofits for the campus. She found opportunities for upgrading the parking lot lighting and installing occupancy sensors.

  • Evaluating successful waste management strategies undertaken by similar health care companies. Raven highlighted these strategies and provided a roadmap for incorporating similar practices to the facility. 

  • Maintaining constant communication with energy consultants and specialists, who provided expertise on appropriate sustainable business goals and strategies.


The five-year sustainability action plan ensures a clear company vision for driving future sustainability efforts. Strategies on reducing waste, enhancing energy efficiency, and maintaining a sustainable culture were all highlighted. As a result, RiverSpring can seemlessly diversify its current environmental efforts, build upon its company webpage, and release annual sustainability reports.

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