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Suzhou, Jiangsu


Bingjun Han worked on environmental impact and environmental goals for Roche Diagnostics Suzhou (RDSZ).


Roche's corporate culture and responsibility drive the company's commitment to creating environmentally friendly factories. Therefore, Han's four goals this summer were to: update the Eco-balance tool, compare green power policy, analyze the influence of environment factors for RDSZ and lastly, create an ESG report writing template.


According to these goals, Han approached the challenge by a four-part process:

  1. Help Roche optimize Eco-balance's calculation tools to make it simple and efficient in data collection.
  2. The policies of green power are further studied, and explore the feasibility of a power purchase agreement for RDSZ.
  3. Analyze the influence of environmental factors for RDSZ through literature research, topographical surveys, understanding climate conditions, and historical investigations.
  4. Write an ESG report template for Roche

Potential Impact

Through the research on the above problems, Han promoted the SHE department increased the publicity of environmental protection and increased the number of training sessions. At the same time, Han calculated the estimated cost of PPA, accelerating the progress of enterprises' green electricity purchasing. Finally, the ESG report helps the SHE department understand the focus of ESG rating agencies.

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