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Yanning Zhang helped Roche Pharma China to establish a sustainable energy roadmap towards net-zero and organize several low-carbon activities.


As a leading global biotechnology company, Roche is not only committed to providing high-quality medical support, but also takes an active role in climate and environmental responsibility. In order to move towards a sustainable future, Roche Pharma China invited Yanning Zhang to update the sustainable energy roadmap 2022 for the campus as well as to participate in the carbon reduction strategy initiatives to help achieve net zero for scope 1&2 emissions by 2050.


Yanning Zhang divided the action strategies into four parts:

  1. Feasibility study for green electricity purchase: Investigating the mode of green electricity trading in China and aboard and giving suggestions and cost evaluation for green electricity purchase in Roche.
  2. Updating Sustainable energy roadmap: Analyzing the energy consumption and emission in campus, tracking the energy conservation projects within campus, estimating future site’s emissions changes and total cost.
  3. “Zero-waste” planet creation work plan: Organizing the general solid waste and hazard waste ledger, estimating waste generation and recycling target for future.
  4. Promoting low-carbon diet meal: Promoting two sets of low-carbon diet meal in the canteen, giving discounts to buyers by answering the questions related to carbon reduction

Potential Impact

Yanning Zhang updated the sustainable energy roadmap for the campus and made recommendations for green electricity purchase for the campus, which can help Roche better track and manage energy consumption, and the scope 1&2 emission in Roche is estimated to reduce 20% compared to 2020. In addition, Yanning Zhang has participated in activities related to waste reduction and low-carbon dishes in the park, which has helped to promote the low-carbon concept among the employees.

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