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Supply Chain, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Francisco, CA


Masako Kondo recommended global enterprise-wide sustainability data solutions tools and innovative reporting criteria to meet Sephora’s sustainability goals.


Sephora is a leading multinational retailer of prestige beauty products. Sephora USA is seeking advanced solutions for globally scalable sustainability measurement against goals that meet and exceed client demands. In order to identify the short and long-term solutions, Sephora enlisted Masako Kondo to research, develop, and recommend innovative data tracking software options and advanced reporting criteria.


With extensive interdepartmental consultation, Ms. Kondo identified Sephora’s reporting needs, budgets, and timeline. Upon global external research, she suggested options of immediate and long-term enterprise-wide software solutions that support their needs.

Brands in Sephora’s Clean + Planet Positive program must meet a strict set of criteria for clean ingredients, responsible packaging, sustainable sourcing, climate commitments, and environmental giving. Ms. Kondo’s project including proposing an innovative data solution that would help support quantifying the impact of brands in this program and provided recommendations on other cutting-edge sustainability topics of concern in the beauty industry.

Potential Impact

By adopting the solutions, cross-functional teams will easily be able to share integrated data globally and use for up-to-date data visualization. This will allow easy and accurate sustainability assessments of Sephora’s programs and criteria on sustainability. 

As a result of the recommended tool adoption and updated criteria, Sephora can continue to create innovation and impact as the industry’s sustainability leader.


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