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Sisi Zhu evaluated on-site energy generation opportunities and helped Simon compile data for its sustainability report.


Simon Property Group, enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Sisi Zhu to help with identifying operational efficiency projects.


Upon Zhu's arrival, the company was busy preparing to publish its sustainability report, highlighting its achievements from the year 2014. Zhu helped compile data to complete the company’s sustainability report. As part of the process, Zhu benchmarked Simon’s sustainability initiatives within the retail real estate field, highlighting opportunities and challenges for the company to encourage continuous progress in sustainability areas.

After taking stock of all the operational data available, Zhu worked with the Senior Director of Sustainability to evaluate the potential of renewable solutions. Making the business case proved to be a challenge, as coordination was required from multiple internal and external stakeholders before the proposition could move forward. In the end, several on-site energy generation projects were identified across the Simon portfolio that could contribute to lowering operational costs as well as reducing the company's carbon footprint.

Potential Impact

Overall, the on-site energy generation projects that Zhu helped identify could save Simon hundreds of thousands of dollars in operational expenses per year. The proposal will be taken to decision makers for discussion. Zhu's contributions to the sustainability report and benchmarking study will also aid in driving improvements and demonstrating Simon’s leadership in sustainability. 

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