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Data Analysis, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Boston, MA


Stevie Roberts conducted a GHG inventory and developed a climate risk assessment strategy.


SimpliSafe, in continuing to prioritize their ESG strategy, enlisted Stevie Roberts to provide strategic recommendations for their environmental initiatives on GHG measurement and reduction, and Climate Risk Assessment. Using a GHG accounting tool, Roberts was tasked with developing best practices for data collection and providing analysis of the results.

Additionally, Roberts addressed a high-level approach to the assessment of physical climate risk for its facilities, in line with TCFD disclosures.  


Roberts approached this by leveraging the GHG accounting tool to complete the FY 2023 GHG inventory. She concurrently developed an Inventory Management Plan (IMP) to provide data collection and management transparency. Analysis of the final results lead to strategic recommendations for business practices and policies to support reduction goals, including developing an environmental supplier engagement strategy and increasing internal engagement to support GHG data understanding and collection.

Roberts also provided the next steps to formalize a risk management approach to physical climate assessment. In addition, she provided site assessment recommendations for US-based locations to support the development of a future environmental resilience plan. 

Potential Impact

This work will support the building blocks for Simplisafe to build and operationalize a right-sized climate strategy. As a result, Simplisafe will be able to set meaningful carbon reduction targets, track and manage GHG data, and ensure environmental preparedness and support for its facilities.

Roberts presented her findings along with recommended next steps to SimpliSafe management and ESG oversight teams with specific guidance on immediate actions and longer term opportunities.

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