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New York, NY


Rich Tesler identified eight different energy-saving projects for SunGard, including three that could be implemented at no cost.


Rich Tesler spent 12 weeks during the summer of 2010 at SunGard, a Fortune 500 software and technology services company that supports mission-critical operations of financial institutions, businesses, local governments, public safety and justice agencies and educational institutions around the world. Tesler's 12-week work plan encompassed a broad range of projects in support of SunGard's sustainability initiatives.


In addition to a focus on identifying specific energy efficiency projects, Tesler also worked on strategic projects including criteria for prioritizing offices for energy efficiency, supporting the company's continued drive to track energy across a larger portion of its footprint, and creating tools and primers for finance officers and facilities managers on the subject of energy efficiency. Tesler also created guides to green retrofitting and green leasing. Tesler's energy efficiency projects were focused on two facilities: an office facility in New York City and a data center in Wayne, Penn. At the New York office facility, he identified three no-cost projects that could cut energy usage by 9%. At the Pennsylvania data center, projects identified could save 25% on energy usage and pay back the initial investment in less than two years.

Potential Impact

The aggregate results of these eight projects would have a $750,000 net present value, saving 690,000 kWh and avoiding 340 metric tons of CO2 annually, and five of the eight are planned for, underway or complete, including a quick win project that involved changing the lighting timers in SunGard's New York City office. The no-cost project quickly yielded a savings of $20,000 annually. Furthermore, Tesler's green retrofitting and green leasing guides have been adopted by SunGard's corporate real estate team. And SunGard has identified a project for a 2011 Climate Corps fellow to continue work on facilities energy efficiency programs, including development of an employee office energy efficiency campaign. 

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