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Zero Emission Vehicles, Freight and Logistics




San Jose, CA


Rishabh Bansal devised a strategic roadmap to decarbonize freight logistics for SunPower Corporation.


In 2022, leading residential solar and storage company, SunPower announced its ESG goal to decarbonize their downstream freight logistics by 2030. SunPower enlisted Rishabh to devise a strategic roadmap by exploring economically feasible opportunities for decarbonization including various alternative fuel technologies available in the market, different ownership models and route optimization.


Rishabh developed a Financial Feasibility Model, Regional Demand Clustering Tool, and Route Optimization Model to answer strategic questions of risks and profitability, and identified two economically feasible decarbonization pathways, as follows:

  • Decarbonizing regional freight logistics: Rishabh identified 6 operational regions viable to decarbonize with market-tested technology solutions and existing demand. He recommended SunPower to use 20 heavy-duty electric trucks supported by solar-powered DC fast chargers and a technology partner. 

  • Multi-load delivery: Rishabh explored and ascertained an alternative pathway to decarbonize by delivering multiple loads in a single trip through packaging and route optimization.

Potential Impact

Rishabh’s roadmap has laid exact next steps for SunPower. Decarbonizing regional freight logistics could annually save $1 million for SunPower and reduce their carbon footprint by an estimated 1,460 MT every year. Multi-load delivery could save an additional $440,000 in annual logistics cost and further reduce emissions by approximately 800 MT each year. 

Overall, Rishabh’s recommended solutions could reduce a projected 2,260 MT of emissions (18% of overall Scope 3 emissions) simultaneously saving approximately $1.44 million in costs every year.


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