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Clean and Renewable Energy, Commercial Energy Efficiency




Frisco, TX


Allison Bettencourt worked with T-Mobile to improve energy efficiency practices and broaden the understanding of on- and off-site clean energy opportunities.


T-Mobile, a nationwide telecommunications leader, became the first in wireless to meet its RE100 goal of sourcing 100% of its total electricity usage with renewable energy by the end of 2021. With the goal to continue to meet current and future electricity usage with renewable energy, T-Mobile enlisted the help of EDF Climate Corps Fellow Allison Bettencourt to identify opportunities to achieve energy savings at retail stores and expand efforts to increase on- and off-site renewable energy projects.


  • Energy Efficiency: Allison identified opportunities to increase energy efficiency across T-Mobile retail stores through collating data on key building performance metrics.  Her work assessed stores with the highest energy consumption to be prioritized in future energy efficiency opportunities. 

  • On-Site Renewable Energy: Allison reviewed a business case for an innovative pilot project, verifying the technical assumptions and providing feedback to advance the model for successful pilot program. 

  • Off-Site Renewable Energy: Utilizing her technical background, Allison developed a tool to assess the success of various off-site renewable projects under different deal structures to help support decision-making for off-site renewable energy projects.

Potential Impact

Allison’s recommendations will allow T-Mobile to increase energy efficiency and reduce energy consumption across retail stores, as well as support the company’s clean energy initiatives to increase on- and off-site renewable energy. Combined, they help enable T-Mobile to continue achieving RE100 commitment. 

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