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Asheboro, NC


Yaqub Adediji joined Technimark to conduct a climate risk assessment in line with TCFD recommendations and assist in Scope 3 emissions screening and zero waste to landfill goal setting as Technimark works toward its ambitious sustainability agenda.


Technimark is a global manufacturing solutions provider for healthcare, consumer packaging, and specialty industrial markets. Technimark enlisted Yaqub to assist in the following:

  • Identifying and prioritizing climate risks and opportunities, including conducting a scenario analysis for key issues based on business as usual and a more ambitious (1.5 degree) scenario in line with TCFD recommendations.
  • Screening of Scope 3 emissions and identifying metrics and data best practices to improve collection, monitoring, and reporting in the future for relevant Scope 3 categories.


Yaqub supported TCFD analysis, Scope 3 emissions screening, and zero waste to landfill goal setting at Technimark through the following steps:

  • Outlined Technimark’s governance structure as related to climate risk and opportunities in line with TCFD recommendations.
  • Successfully performed a climate risk assessment in line with TCFD recommendations to help Technimark identify and prioritize its climate risks and opportunities.
  • Obtained and classified all waste stream data to help Technimark screen Scope 3 emissions and set zero waste to landfill goals.
  • Successfully set up processes for improved data collection, monitoring, and reporting of waste streams and disposal methods so that Technimark can better track and reduce Scope 3 emissions from waste and achieve zero waste to landfill goals in the future. 

Potential Impact

Aligning Technimark's governance structure with the TCFD recommendations ensures the company is adhering to best practices and its leadership is well-positioned to proactively address climate-related issues in the future related issues. Through the execution of the climate risk assessment, Technimark is better equipped to anticipate and manage potential climate-related risks and position itself as a forward-thinking and resilient entity, prepared for the uncertainties of a changing climate.

Utilizing the comprehensive waste stream data collected, Technimark will be able to calculate the emissions from this material Scope 3 category, prioritize waste reduction efforts across its global footprint, and set an achievable corporate zero waste to landfill goal.

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