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San Marcos, TX

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15,400,000 kWh

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Annual CO2 Reductions:

12,600 metric tons


Milad Mohammadalizadekorde helped bring Texas State University one step closer to meeting its energy goals by identifying energy efficiency opportunities.


Texas State University (TSU) set a goal to reduce 5% of its yearly total campus electric use on a kWh per gross square foot basis for the next ten years. The campus Sustainable Stewardship program is already working to green its departments by addressing three broad, but related, areas to reducing consumption: energy load, supply and information. Wanting to dig deeper, EDF Climate Corps fellow Milad Mohammadalizadekorde was called upon to conduct a data analysis of existing energy conservation program effectiveness and identify additional energy-savings.


Milad determined that by replacing the current lighting system, motors and pumps, TSU could achieve major energy savings. And, installing variable frequency drives would greatly improve the HVAC system output. He also worked on plans for non-electricity saving projects, including installing on-site solar panels and reducing boiler fuel needs through condensate recovery, to be carried out over the next two years. Producing solar electricity and reducing natural gas combustion will yield significant GHG emission reductions. 

Potential Impact:

Milad’s projects could achieve annual electricity savings of 15,391,436 kWh, 17% of TSU’s annual energy costs and could have a NPV of $13,217,848. This translates to more than $1,000,000 in annual cost savings. Overall, TSU could reduce C02 emissions by 12,561.81 metric tons, well beyond its goal of 5% of savings established by the Senate Bill 898.

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