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Data Analysis, Engagement and Behavior Change, Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




San Francisco, CA


Ripunjaya Bansal helped Uber to develop a roadmap toward the creation of a comprehensive climate strategy.


Uber, provides a platform for on-demand transportation services globally. They have operations in more than 65 countries and 600 cities. The company enlisted EDF Climate Corps fellow Ripunjaya Bansal to develop a climate strategy roadmap that would cover both corporate and product related emissions.


While developing the climate strategy, Ripunjaya identified key data gaps, quantified emissions from major corporate sources such as office buildings and incorporated estimated emissions from rides. Using this data, he outlined a phased roadmap covering:

  • Data collection and emissions quantification
  • Equipment assessment
  • Target setting
  • Reporting and engagement
  • Monitoring and evaluation.

He also recommended various sustainability initiatives and partners that could provide Uber with unique resources at each stage of the roadmap.

Potential Impact

Potential Goals: The roadmap outlines a phased approach that can help Uber focus on climate impact opportunities that align with business objectives. In addition, a sound climate strategy may help the company reduce reputational, regulatory, legal and political risk going forward.

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