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Sustainability and Energy Management Strategy




Weston, FL


UKG enlisted a Climate Corps fellow to help drive a TCFD-aligned Climate Scenario Risk Analysis for UKG’s global offices and operations.


UKG is the largest U.S.-based private enterprise software firm, servicing over 75,000 global customers across all industries and geographies. UKG’s robust ESG program includes the disclosure of transparent risks and opportunities aligned to external frameworks including TCFD and CDP.

The evolution of this disclosure process aims to deepen the strategic understanding of how these risks and opportunities could affect business operations. To achieve this, UKG enlisted Angela Tomlinson to help launch a climate scenario risk analysis using the CDP Climate Scenario Analysis Toolkit.


  • Evaluated 8 climate-related risks and opportunities material to UKG’s business operations across 14 financial business impact categories
  • Leveraged external research, company data, and peer benchmarking to estimate qualitative and quantitative business impacts under two climate scenarios
  • Developed exploratory questions for use in 9 business unit stakeholder charettes to confirm findings and uncover additional company-specific insights to mitigate potential risks and capitalize on potential opportunities
  • Presented results and recommendations to UKG stakeholders, including the internal ESG cross-functional team and a primary investor group

Potential Impact

This important analysis project resulted in numerous recommendations for mitigating risks and capitalizing on possible opportunities due to climate change's physical, policy, and regulation impacts. In addition, the project created awareness and new learning opportunities for key stakeholders to better understand and be prepared for the many implications of climate change and the trickle-down effect throughout the business, but also the potential impact on UKG customers, prospects, and partners.

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